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The whole damn lot Where can I buy this on video for less than £15 ?

Stu Pott - 1999-05-20 23:23:59 (BST)
What the hell is all the moaning about???? And the trashing of this programme is awful. I t is one of the best programmes to be shown for a long time and I think that Tam Williams should get an oscar for his performance. ...Oh and Emily Woolfe is as sexy as fuck.

Bema - 1999-05-19 22:13:54 (BST)
The inevitable question Where do I get the game? Killer Net. When I put it in my search engine (grrrr), before I found you, I got the Australian army & some comments about the joys of killing that startled even an old "true crime" addict like me. I am a pacifist (legacy of Aust involvement in Vietnam) so told them what I thought of them. If I don't reply to Email I suppose you can imagine what may have happened to me. The cat keeps jumping on the keyboard so I have to log off. But please tell me where to get the game - it is so much better than the Doom crap I usually play.

Alison - 1999-01-31 08:12:50 (GMT)
Final scenes Loved the whole film as have great memories of my time in Brighton, esp. The Lanes. But what happened to the two piers, West & Palace? One seems to be derelict. Which one? Is UK in worse economic trouble after Thatcher than we know????? A disappointment that.

alison - 1999-01-31 08:03:14 (GMT)
Joe in custody I am a solicitor (LLB Melb)1974, admitted as Barr & Sol of Supreme Court of Vict('75). Understand his apprehension about being done for a minor offence, as here in Vict., a street offence (disorderly behaviour, indecent language etc.)bars you from admission to practice. BUT we were taught two firm principles in our four years at Uni. 1) If you are arrested say NOTHING & get a solicitor 2) If you ARE the solicitor & not the client, tell your client to say NOTHING. FULL STOP. END OF STORY. Get them bailed with not a word on police tape. When Joe talks by himself he has a fool for a client. When he sings like a bird with a solicitor present, she should be done for criminal negligence. It's 20 years since I was at Law School & for your readers' benefit the advice still stands. Claim your right to silence & keep your mouth closed as if you were underwater. Remember, under your (UK) Judges' Rules, it is your sacred right.

alison - 1999-01-31 07:59:01 (GMT)
Scruffy in rugby game there was no rugby game in Oz movie. Is my feeling it was cut becoming a virtual reality???

alison - 1999-01-31 07:42:22 (GMT)
Scott in police cell In Aust version, no parent visits Scott. Assumed they couldn't give a shit (other than credit card problems). Did your version tell otherwise?

alison - 1999-01-31 07:40:43 (GMT)
Scott home for weekend No Mum in Aust movie. Did we miss something?

Alison - 1999-01-31 07:38:36 (GMT)
whole programme First showing in Australia 30/1/99 from 8.30pm to 11.40 pm. Less 17 min per hour adverts this comes to 2 hr 11 min movie. Your page implies it came in episodes in UK. Did we miss anything over here? It was brilliant, but how could people stay committed over more than one sitting?

Alison - 1999-01-31 07:36:01 (GMT)
HEY GAZ U suck. It was set in Brighton Uni. not surry.

oi - 1998-10-31 01:49:56 (GMT)
all mate, i loved it 2.

er um - 1998-10-31 01:48:16 (GMT)
ALL Was I the only person who liked this......

?? - 1998-10-27 19:04:03 (GMT)
- Killer Net is good

AOL user - 1998-07-19 18:31:01 (BST)
Good job "rash-on-face" boy wasn't an AOL user. Otherwise he might not have been able to DUN, and then the bad man wouldn't have been able to go get her. DYS?

Drunkard Boy 448 - 1998-07-06 21:30:16 (BST)
Students must die. Still, it was nice to see students having a miserable time of time of it. Did they pay for any drinks by cheque? And don't be fooled. They can find you anytime.

Drunkard Boy 448 - 1998-07-06 21:25:00 (BST)
The general tameness of the porn being viewed by the nasty little student types. What, no Spit-roast, bestiality asian minors? Damn drunkards.

Drunkard Boy 448 - 1998-07-06 21:21:42 (BST)
the whole sorry sad mess of it So there you have it. One of the worse, ridiculous, predicable and boring 'thrillers' I have ever seen creeping into the 'its so bad it's good' . Why did she not admit that its all science fiction. But of course 'proper' writers don't write science fiction do they. They should have just repeated Hart of Darkness or Bird of Prey from the early 80's ( .... now that's how to do a techno thriller on a low budget Lynda and all the others involved- watch and learn.

gaz - 1998-06-11 13:28:30 (BST)
Any of the university shots including computer lab scenes I am puzzled as to why anyone studying at the University of Surrey (Guildford) would live in Brighton. Also, yes the computer labs at surrey are all painted in that vile pink colour although it was interesting to see that machines appeared to be running Win95, strange as all of the PCs at surrey run Win3.1

LES.. - 1998-06-04 14:54:11 (BST)
PC Plod walking down the street. Just happens to see Killer Net narrator on advert for Soup!!!!! What a load of bollocks. I'm no storyteller (when there's stories to be told) but even I could think of a better plot device than this!!! Hey....and guess what...?...he's homosexual!...and with a big gruff voice like that. I would have never have guessed (last phrase to be read with a tipper truck full of sarcasm).

Gavin Greenhalgh - 1998-06-03 12:49:28 (BST)
They're playing Killer Net at the station when they realise the modem is on... So, in order to play "Killer Net" you have to be hooked up on the internet. Why? The only game anyone plays on the internet are multiplayer Quake deathmatches. Oh, and to gain access to the internet you will get a log on screen asking for your user name and password, another thing the computer expert failed to notice.

Ken Dervish - 1998-06-02 14:41:33 (BST)
Comments on episode 4:
15:00 ish Spooky guy poking around PC pam's apartment
About 25:00 Pink shirt guy has a teapot,
About 26:00 Joe denies living in Dublin,
About 28:00 Studio is clearly used a lot,
About 36:00 Joe's confession
Colby's cosy chat with scott and suzie
47:00 gratuitous underwear shot as suzie packs her case.
....kicks door open into sitting room, then is miraculously filming bedroom.
.....but takes tea bag out of cup
.......sure, I'll lie about that, the Police will never find out where I went to university.
.....it's got 10 videos for over 2 years of operation.
.....Sure, I'd collapse under that tough questioning too. What is his solicitor doing at this point?
..... as he drinks brandy on duty?? And then gets in a car and drives to the scene

Emily - 1998-06-01 00:49:47 (BST)
As the PCW is wandering to her fate on the pier... Use your mobile phone ! The one you've been using non-stop ?

Falken - 1998-05-31 11:31:01 (BST)
Well, the last episode, and the odd references to "plot twists" in a few earlier comments. Er, what plot twists? The whole last episode was predictable - virtually the entire episode could be deduced from the first two. At least, I did it. I mean, who did it, why, what was the Killer Net game about? I wonder. (yaw n).

James Matthews - 1998-05-27 16:16:16 (BST)
You think you're upset about this program... I missed the whole thing, which means I lose out on this whole epic "trash Lynda La Plante" dialogue. Shucks. Hope there's a sequel which I can miss as well.

David Brown (Angry of Barnes) - 1998-05-27 12:42:47 (BST)
Upset that your favourite technologically challenged programme has now finished? Then check out In The Red on BBC2. No, Psion Organisers don't take PC discs, but if they did, GeekBoy *could* format one for Ms. Spanky on his Mac.

'It was typed on an Apple'
'Doesn't look like an apple to me..'
How we laughed...

mat - 1998-05-27 12:04:41 (BST)

The single scariest thing about KillerNet. ...just how much Joe looked like our beloved technical consultant David Amor. Coincidence?

rgreen - 1998-05-27 12:01:06 (BST)
"He's been at again, has he ?"
"Been at what ?"
"Computer hacking"
"No he's into a different game now"
"Oh yeah, what's that ?"
Are failed commercial CDROM games designers all hackers ?

insulted - 1998-05-27 00:55:33 (BST)
The Pier Wasn't WPC Boxer wearing a hard hat and if so how did the killer manage to use the hammer quite so effectively?

Nathaniel Goss - 1998-05-26 23:26:37 (BST)
The Hammer & The Warehouse At the end of EP3 we we were told that new (fingerprint?) evidence on the murder weapon showed that Scott was probably guilty. Erm, what happened to it? How did Colby find Dome'd hideout so easily?

Pete Langdale - 1998-05-26 23:16:11 (BST)
In the spirit of NTK's "Falco" award, how about awarding a "Lynda" to the those responsible for mainstream media's most ignorant portrayals of the Internet or technology in general.

Hopefully it will be a while before we are faced with anything of the same dreadful standard set by "Killer Net"

Is it bad enough to reach "cult" status ? Aum Shin Rykyo perhaps ?

critic - 1998-05-26 23:15:38 (BST)
The entire series (Especially the godawful last episode!)! Well, having seen the final episode, and all the plot strands (almost) wrapped up (Apart from that policewoman getting killed- what was the point of that? And why send a video tape tip-off?), "Killer Net" was even worse than I thought! The last episode bascially appeared to be where LaPlante realised that it might be important to write a plot to cover her previous 3 episodes of ITV Drama Cliches (tm), and spent the entire episode explaining it. The entire episode! And with ridiculous plot-twists that would make "Neighbours" look like Shakespeare! Never mind not having any credibility in the technical department- in fact, the technical part was probably the most sensible area of this entire series, which must count as the most ludicrous drama I have ever seen on British television. To enjoy this as serious drama, you must either be brain-dead. Or Lynda LaPlante.

"Blimpy" Belinda - 1998-05-26 23:10:43 (BST)
Michael Caine lookalike did it - At the old pier - With a Hammer.. So, with the plods literally five seconds behind him, how did he manage to get away from the old pier, surrounded on all sides by sea, with just one restricted access to it, which was full of running policemen? He had a minisub stashed around the back! Just like that nice Mr Blofeld! No, it is time for you to DIE WPC Bond!!

CiH - 1998-05-26 23:08:45 (BST)
Linda LePants' entire career In the part where people take her seriously as a writer, and millions of people watch her "hard-hitting" programs, they are all entirely bollocks, right the way through. Yet, until she dives in right up to her neck into a subject 50 million people know more about than her, she is never ever found out for the appaling cheap hack rip-off vendor she actually is. Why is this? Why didn't police and prison officers complain about her previous series? Truth is stranger than fiction, indeed.

sam - 1998-05-26 23:04:36 (BST)
Sound of high heel footsteps on wire mesh of the pier walkway suspension of disbelief caused by the high quality drama ?

critic - 1998-05-26 23:02:04 (BST)
The moody music during the slo-mo rugby scene. well someone has been listening to their Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack!

Nexus Six - 1998-05-26 22:29:18 (BST)
"Killer Net is a very moralistic piece," concludes Lynda, "I hope the audience will learn from it, the devastation and destruction the Internet can cause, just how deeply it can affect them and how urgently it needs to be policed." hmmm... geez... where did we turn for all our violent, destructive urges/inspiration before the internet? oh, wait, i know... we just walked out into REAL LIFE where bad stuff seems to happen all on its own without any electronic provocation. maybe we shouldn't teach kids to read, write or speak since, using linda's faultless logic, the medium must be held responsible for the message. what a load...

paladin - 1998-05-26 21:47:01 (BST)
Anagram of Linda La Plante: all-in pant deal

mat - 1998-05-26 17:42:57 (BST)
About 46:05. Police Station: Cops notice modem lights (presumably Killer Net is so clever it turns off all modem sound...) (your quote from episode 3) I think, you are being a bit unfair here. It is actually pretty easy for software to turn off the modem's sound.# On a US Robotics modem, it is also pretty easy to turn the volume control to zero (accidently or deliberately)

Jeff - 1998-05-25 00:08:32 (BST)
The movie Brainscan does indeed sound similar to Killer Net However, I'm sure it's just a co-incidence.

Lynda La Plante, like a good scholar, footnotes all her influences. We would have seen a Brainscan poster in the flat, or one of the characters would have exclaimed "Wow. a murder game - just like that Ed Furlong movie!"

George S. Clinton - 1998-05-24 21:09:41 (BST)

"There is an underlying thing in Killer Net that shows how far behind our police are in their own technology. The US is at the mercy of cyber-terrorists - in 1995 one hacker made off with $10 million from the electronic vaults of City Bank." Lynda La Plante - beeb online interview here So much for research - this wouldn't be a muddled reference to the group of Russian mafia criminals who tried to get away with a wire fraud on CitiBank in Moscow one of whom is now serving time in the the UK. Of course the fact that the only computer concerned was an insecure direct dialin to CitiBank, with no Internet involvement at all does not seem to worry the "researchers"

mulder - 1998-05-23 21:48:57 (BST)
I'm sorry to take up more space but I just had to include this "Lynda: "It's a fact that 70 per cent of the net is used for pornography." says LLP in the Beeb "Oi" section, going by figures from specially commissions researchers. I have just lost any respect I may have had for any researche rs who worked on the programme. Even though it is a nice screensaver Mark :) (( BTW - oi.beeb.com - vote on "Could KillerNet really happen", you know what to do. ))

nickd - 1998-05-23 18:09:22 (BST)
the exponentially increasing comments page:- comments on Mark Jordan's piece
  1. Firstly, regardless of any disagreements, well done for having the guts to show your face, and your email address, on this page.
  2. Why do we bother attacking K-Net if we dislike it so much? For me, fun, plus affirmation that I'm not alone in my thoughts.
  3. Some of the technical misrepresentations made in K-Net are at the level of Eastenders market traders all wearing pink and purple bobble hats, not at the "apples' position on the stall" level.
  4. THAT flat, but the *inside*, so clean, so new.....
  5. I agree that the internet *CAN BE* a dangerous and horrible place, the problem is that K-Net seems to be an uninformed drama that reinforces this view only.

Nick Drage - 1998-05-23 17:55:25 (BST)
It was a bubblegum horror flick that came out a few years ago. Edward Furlong played a boy who sent away for a CD-ROM game advertised in "Fangoria" magazine which offered the "ultimate experience". The object of the game was to commit the perfect murder without getting caught, which he did. Unfortunately after playing he discover that a neighbour had being killed using his tactics. To make matters worse, Eddie had to play again because he'd left evidence at the scene of the crime (footprints) so he had to keep playing the game to eliminate himself for the suspect list. There was even a spooky looking host who commented on Eddie's progress at each level. (plans to use the host "Trickster" to lauch a horror franchise like Freddy or Jason didn't come to fruitation). "Brainscan" bears suspicious similiarities to our favourite current C4 mini-series does it not? That's what Wayne said at channel 4 in Reach4 discussion area is this true!?! Is it all a con?

TAK - 1998-05-23 15:03:39 (BST)
"DAVID AMOR confesses "I was the consultant that LaPlante Productions hired to advise on the script," and goes on to reassure us that the tech stuff *was* all theoretically possible, albeit highly unlikely. "I know what can and can't be done on the Internet," he concludes. "Please keep my e-mail address anonymous." Smart move, David - apparently there's some real nutjobs out there... " So when will Electronic Arts release the Killer Net CDROM ?

Cool Shades ! Did Lynda base the "man in the warehouse" on David Amor ?

phan - 1998-05-23 13:19:27 (BST)

Re: Your comments on the production
(by Mark Jordan)
  • I find it very sad that this web site contains nothing positive about Killer Net,
    Is there something positive about Killer Net?
  • and yet from the level of attention to detail of criticisms made about the production, it is obvious that the program has been recorded and watched over and over again
    Is it? I've made a couple of comments and I've only watched each episode once. And wouldn't videoing it to watch repeatedly be illegal?
  • The exterior of the building was filmed in Brighton and WAS a block of student flats, the Opening scene of Ep 1 was actually filmed in the student flat.
    So? How does this change the fact that in reality, the average student does not have money to waste on luxurious flats and permanently-connected phone lines.
  • You can’t get FMV over the Internet (Sexy Sadie) – well I agree there.
    So why use it? Why not use a prostitute then, instead of exploiting The Internet for a gimmick?
  • When criticisms are made of the dangers of the internet – I can only say that you are all quite right to criticise the production as no student has ever downloaded a single piece of pornography, no US corporations exist earning millions of dollars per annum in subscription services, in fact there is no porn on the internet,
    Is pornography dangerous then? I thought most open minded, enlightented individuals had accepted pornography as perfectly reasonable back in the late '80s...
  • no one has ever given their home address or telephone number or arranged to meet anyone over the internet and not had a purely positive outcome.
    This sort of danger is not Internet specific. People have been stupid enough to give personal edtails to strangers, and unfortunate enough to meet dangerous individuals on blind dates, for decades. Stop scare mongering about The Internet, it is no more da ngerous than life always has been.
  • But I am not so obsessed with it that I can’t enjoy an exceptionally well made drama without pressing pause to read the URL of the web site used in a particular scene.
    What "exceptionally well made drama"? We were talking about Killer Net, please stay on topic...

Duncan Corps - 1998-05-22 14:07:44 (BST)
the killer net man what's all this seven type ringing of information in the paper, and bleeding "unaythorised killing" crap? Are they trying to say that these Libra people are all sent to him and he kills them...even though he looks as frightening as mr bean?

Nix - 1998-05-22 13:35:18 (BST)
Charlotte's nudey scene again the head is pathetically mapped onto the body...i just don't get this at all

Andie - 1998-05-22 13:33:20 (BST)
opening once again Channel 4 ruins any semblance of tension by announcing "Next oin four, killer net.....Scott is surprised when Charlottes' body is discovered and he's taken in for questioning..." Next week I suppose it'll say "And now on 4, Joe is found guilty like we all knew in episode 1...."

Chloe - 1998-05-22 13:31:37 (BST)
Your comments on the production I find it very sad that this web site contains nothing positive about Killer Net, and yet from the level of attention to detail of criticisms made about the production, it is obvious that the program has been recorded and watched over and over again . . . surely if the production is as bad as you make out then why do you bother doing that? I am also sure that not one person making any of these comments has any idea of how a television drama is put together and the constraints of both time and money in comparison to a feature film. Do you really think that market stall holders spend all day talking to each other about how EastEnders portrayed oranges to the left of the stall when it is convention for apples to be on the left – or do you think they sit back and watch the drama? So for those of you who have made criticisms and understand the internet but don’t understand television here are a few answers: Scott (Joe and Susie) wouldn’t live in a student flat like that. WRONG: The exterior of the building was filmed in Brighton and WAS a block of student flats, the Opening scene of Ep 1 was actually filmed in the student flat. (The rest was filmed in a m ock-up of that room carefully re-created in Uxbridge). You can’t get FMV over the Internet (Sexy Sadie) – well I agree there. We set Sexy Sadie with a speed of 8 FPS – and the reason that we didn’t have the line drop out or the machine hang or the video link operate at 8 FP half hour is because it would have made those scenes take up half an episode. The MPEG card – In case anyone is interested we actually created a real working game for the various scenes in which it is depicted (there was no post production) – and the only way to obtain such high quality video is by using an MPEG card, anyone who re ckons that they can achieve such high quality footage through their PC using a Windows CODEC is probably not going to be bothered by any perceived faults in Killer Net – they will probably just sell the software and finance their own production. When criticisms are made of the dangers of the internet – I can only say that you are all quite right to criticise the production as no student has ever downloaded a single piece of pornography, no US corporations exist earning millions of dollars per ann um in subscription services, in fact there is no porn on the internet, no one has ever given their home address or telephone number or arranged to meet anyone over the internet and not had a purely positive outcome. On a personal note I use the internet daily for all sorts of research and appreciate that its not just porn. But I am not so obsessed with it that I can’t enjoy an exceptionally well made drama without pressing pause to read the URL of the web site used in a particular scene. If, with regards to the computer or video fx, you have any specific criticisms of a technical nature or sensible comments that you would like borne in mind for other productions (TV, Commercials or Features) then feel free to e-mail me.

Mark Jordan - 1998-05-22 12:29:05 (BST)
Lynda answers her critics ! (Well sort of) If you want a real laugh check out the transcript of the beebs online chat with Ka Plunk - I notice they did not ask any of MY questions and I was so polite. Instead we get gems like where do you get you ideas. And its banner ad sponsorship is from Page 3 of the Sun ! - priceless. But don't worry folks its not the Internet but CD-ROM computer games that turn you into a raving mass murderer. Remember that next time you play Quake. So she uses the internet every day for research hmm I believe you. Nah the law student did it. Next week I predict rabid overacting and an 'if it wasn't for you meddling kids I would have succeeded too' Scooby Doo type ending. And the Michael Caine look-a-like with all the computers in his garage will walk off into the sunset for Killer Net 2. Arrrrgh !

gaz - 1998-05-22 10:03:27 (BST)
Who dunnit? NOT that I care at all BUT the ginger guy is so obviously pretending to be guilty that it has to be the nurse whatdunnit,because otherwise her role would be utterly pointless. It's something like blah blah blah she's in love with Scott and had an affair with the bonkers bint and ginga bloke's cheating is driving her round the twist and she loves plastic chairs which may have been magically electrified.

Incidental piece of information: Emily Woof used to be very famous in Edinburgh for swinging on a trapeze. True. Her trapeze skills, I have to admit, first gave me the clue that she was the murderer.

Every time I watch this programme my boyfriend lies on the floor and howls like a dog because it physically causes him pain. I point out to him that I am in fact performing a dodgy psychology experiment on him.

Jen - 1998-05-21 15:58:18 (BST)

"However, when I read that a high percentage of the Internet is used for pornography and paedophilia, I began to delve deeper." "..more deeply.", dear, "..more deeply." (See previous sarcy comment about KaPlunk's grammar.)

MARS - 1998-05-21 10:04:39 (BST)
KaPlunk on the C4 web-site : "The Killer Net story came from three different sources," Lynda says, "I think the first realisation came when I read that the Internet is unpoliced and unmonitored, and beaming into very young minds. I jus t found it extraordinary that today's youth were able to very quickly adapt to computer networking - and I am talking about five-year-olds - whereas I, as an adult, was just getting my head around WordPerfect!" "...youth were able to very quickly adapt to.." Poor thing - can't get her head round WordPerfect, let alone English grammar. (There's a very split infinitive there, for those who didn't spot it.) Still, she's the one counting out the bucks, and I'm just an ex-English teacher...

MARS - 1998-05-21 10:01:24 (BST)
Where they're playing the game in the police station and they find the modem's being used. It might just be me, but how many policemen do you know who would connect up the -modem- on a computer they'd nicked? There is no way it's going to provide any more evidence. Or perhaps there's some mystical force that automati cally figures out what phoneline the computer is on and uploads incriminating evidence to it?

James Matthews - 1998-05-21 09:31:26 (BST)
That message from laplante.demon.net below... I'm a bit confused here. The pre-show hype about "Killer Net" made it clear that this was intended to be a serious polemic about what *could* happen on the *real-life* Internet. (See channel4.com) Not any more according to the message below from laplante.demon.net (A little "astroturf" campaign perhaps?) . Apparently now, we've *not* to take it seriously because it's just a drama and not real life! Which begs the question: why should anyone take it's polemic message seriously when it's about something the writer clearly knows very little about?

Even if one, as this (Cowardly?) un-named person suggests, views it only as a drama, it's still fails- the dialog is corny and cliched, the acting is bloody awful (the characters look as if they have been lifted wholesale from Hollyoakes-land), and the plot is pretty hackneyed. It makes an interesting comparision with an episode of "Millenium" on Sky recently which dealt with fairly similar themes. If anything, it was even more suspect in the technical department than "Killer Net", but the story was much better by a long shot. And, Mrs LaPlante, it featured absolutely no gratuitous nudity either! ;)

Michael James - 1998-05-21 00:21:01 (BST)

The US Robotics Sportster modem dialing out during the Killer Net gameplay at the police station To be fair, there has been an Internet related scam where the gullible were invited to download and install some special "viewing software" to appreciate the online pornography. The software then simulated a slow download of some graphics whilst dropping the the modem connection, turning off the volume and dialling a premium rate/maximum international dialling charge number in Moldovia. A Sportster modem (some of the 33.6 or 56kbs models look just like the one featured) is quite fast enough to update the stereotypical "trainspotter" character's Killer Net command console. Of course the Sussex Police would have no way of tracing what number one of their own phone extensions was dialling . Perhaps it was an "untraceable" Internet connection ? Of course, somehow, the "experts" decided that someone was perhaps dialling in to Scott's machine - dialback security or just the psychic ability to predict which direct dial extension it would be pl ugged into once taken down to the police station ?

amazed - 1998-05-20 22:53:53 (BST)
anything to do with Scruffy When does he have a wash?

Bo didley - 1998-05-20 19:45:11 (BST)
anything involving Scruffy. Since the first episode, he has started to speak english with a Liverpudlian accent while before it was with a Scottish accent.

Bo didley - 1998-05-20 19:44:03 (BST)
Eps 3 - Guv Collingwood - Jolly Japes about him appearing in the game. I waited patiently throughout the episode for someone to point out that he played Jerec in Jedi Knight. You'd think he'd remember.

Keith Lawler - 1998-05-20 19:21:43 (BST)
The bit where the police people are playing the game, and the computer expert says that the police peoples faces were digitised using a digiters and mapped onto a 3D mode, then moved around- in 3D! What I don't understand is that if it's a 3D model using texture mapping and phong shading and stuff, why does it look like one of those Terry Gilliam animations out of Monty Python? That computer expert must have been wrong- the software "house" must have comissioned Terry Gilliam to cut out bits of the Police Gazette and animate them, then they digitised the results onto an N-PEG card, and then converted it into a WAV file so that it could be put on a CD, and then that Stott pe rson or whatever he's called would have put the "Killer Net" CD in, it would have made a bloody awful racket, and he would have turned down the volume on his PC, and thus missed out on his computer dialling up the Internet info super-highway!!!! I hope Li nda Plantpot is reading this, as she'd better fix this important flaw in the plot before the final episode next week!!!

Old Fart of the Senior Dads - 1998-05-20 19:12:58 (BST)
All of it Great, all those people on the internet are going to commit murder because they saw it on the TV and thought it was cool. :-)

Skint student - 1998-05-20 19:01:58 (BST)
'I don't play video games" The 'consultant' the police use - is he modelled on one of Lynda's advisors ? He's about as useful

gaz - 1998-05-20 16:18:14 (BST)
The modem The whole thing is cringeingly awful, but when they zoomed in on the modem, and it became apparent that noone had noticed it dialling out every time the game is played, it was the surely first laugh-out-loud moment. Personally I worry about our students and our police force. It's all possible, you know.

Graham - 1998-05-20 14:26:40 (BST)
Rant on Episode 3 - and I can't do clever bulleting either Oh where to begin:- 1) Since when has it been the business of your psychology tutor where you surf and why, in your own time? 2) As Jody Smith pointed out before, that "Girls=Great Boys=crap" theme of LaPlante's keeps re-surfaci ng 3) Presumably Jason Orange can't remember where Scott lives so the police get to chase Scott around the Uni in a dramatic scene 4) Well done flatmates, attempt to remove all the evidence of Scott's interest in a computer game, and therefore all evidenc e for Scott's only alibi 5) I love the CD that remembers previous games played on it on different PCs - except once in the Police Station where it forgets Scott has killed a second "level 1" girl before entering the WPC's details 6) Overall, I have no pro blem with drama that has gaps visible to technical specialists, such as Forensic scientists or Nuclear physicists, however to anyone with a cursory experience of the Internet and computers this drama has more holes in it than Sexy Sadie's fishnets.

nickd - 1998-05-20 13:28:49 (BST)

Episode 3 Generally

  • Scouser Dealer was playing Charlotte, not on Scott's PeeCee. So, some sort of multisession writable CD then?
  • But after the kill Charlotte is deleted. Apparently from the CeeDee. Some sort of multisession read/write CD RAM, I guess.
  • A USR Sportster that actually works?
  • I think the frog in the screen saver did it.
  • Theres no point trying to think of decent comments, all the good ones are already done by NTK.

I think I've got it now- this Perl script won't preserve formatting, perhaps I can force some using standard HTML?

Duncan Corps - 1998-05-20 12:37:33 (BST)
And another thing Why has nobody (Scott, his mates, the police ) said something of the lines of "Killernet - let sees who makes it - nothing on the box - nothing on the internet etc etc " thus creating an aura of mystery and suspense. Does this make me a better writer than dear old Lynda ? Is this difficult ?

gaz - 1998-05-20 11:49:17 (BST)
his kid brother blathers on about the internet "They've got pictures of people doing it" good to see an obsession with pornography runs in the family (not so hidden message "parents what are your kids up on that computer of theirs"- very subtle I must say)

gaz - 1998-05-20 11:48:01 (BST)
the mortuary OK so you can show pictures on a dead woman's corpse on the Path Lab's computer (oh how ironic) with teasing flashes of her erogenous zones but the dead block lying on the slab in back ground ready for autopsy has still got his underwear on ! How feminist is that !

gaz - 1998-05-20 11:45:58 (BST)
All of it Is it me or has this has been the most predictable 'drama' on tv ever?

spookman - 1998-05-20 11:08:53 (BST)
The modem.. Its is a US Robotics 14.4k one. I have one myself. How can i get mine to do that?

Stephen Bennett - 1998-05-20 09:33:29 (BST)
'what does 'on line' mean? Everything else... Please! Even my 80 year old mum knows what On Line means! Then he undestands modems? How come the students dont know about milgrams original experiment? Even my mum knows about it. This is the funniest show since Monty Python:-)

Stephen Bennett - 1998-05-20 09:25:37 (BST)
The Police interview Joe & Ms Woof Joes brilliant attempt at concealing Scotts murder books So they go round to interview them. How tdo the police get the couple into their confidence and make them feel at ease? They search their flat for dope when they are being interviewed! She's even made the police bit a comedy. Wel l done! Lets put all his books in the pedal bin. Might as well have put the body in there....

Stephen Bennett - 1998-05-20 09:23:30 (BST)
Big-time evil fiend... ... is obviously so technically savvy that he's using the cacky 15 inch Gateway 2000 monitor out of the three on his desk and the bloody huge projection TV too... To be fair though, the quality of LePlunk's work did improve margi nally once she was back in the familiar and presumably slightly researched environment of a police station. Still classified as "comedy" rather than "thriller" though.

mi - 1998-05-20 00:26:06 (BST)
Chase around the art department Where did the cut-outs of the Spice Girls appear from ? Will they be starring in the next version of the Killer Net UK CDROM £120 from Sexy Sadie Inc ?

stunned - 1998-05-19 22:25:36 (BST)
re Right to Reply I did not say that she is planing to defend her work in the future (oh but I wish she would) only that, when requested, she refused to defend or debate her piece until it had all been shown (presumably so that it could be seen in context) - episode 3 tonight I can hardly wait.

gaz - 1998-05-19 17:23:10 (BST)
Lynda KaPlunk - the sharks smell blood Just got this email off dot4@channel4.co.uk regarding the Lynda LaPlante discussion forum at the Channel 4 website:- ===== erm, yes, I think you did miss it Nick, if you mean the chat with Lynda La Plante it was last Thursday. Sorry. Cheers www.channel4.com ===== Did any of you netfiends actually attend? Also "gaz" says KaPlunk will defend her work after all four episodes have been shown. Any details of when and where gratefully appreciated. I think the internet is a very dodgy in places but any attempt to inform Joe User about what its really like will be hampered by misinformed and unrealistic crap like KillerNet.

Nick Drage - 1998-05-19 10:59:25 (BST)
Prime Suspect after 2 episodes & 1 trailer ? Since it is obviously not Scott who has murdered Charlotte, the Prime Suspect has got to be Joe, who seems to be connected with all the women seen so far - Susie, Charlotte, the art department girl. How can the writers justify the creation of the Killer Net UK CDROM plot device ? What makes it different from the spate of "Dungeons & Dragons" fantasy murder film/tv plots of a few years ago ? What has it got to do with the Internet ? How much did Lynda La Plante write/research herself, and how much was left to her subordinates ?

someone else - 1998-05-19 00:41:39 (BST)
Real Media Great article in today's (Mon 18/5/98) Guardian sticking the knife into killernet- Also it was featured on Sunday's Right to Reply - some dork from the company who 'loaned the PCs for the production' said its 'drama not a documentary' - oh that's all right then. Linda KaPlunk, who was quoted as saying she was horrified at what is on the net and that it needs policing (and witless uninformed exploitative drama doesn't ?) How much researchhave you actually done, Linda? Have you actually talked to a student lately ? Some one who has used the net regularly ? She refused to defend her work until the last two episodes have been broadcast. And I was so worried - obviously these are going to be absolutely brilliant making us all look like fools !!

gaz - 1998-05-18 15:48:54 (BST)
The alibi again actually, this would be a great way to hand in work after the deadline had passed, or to get a lottery ticket on sunday.....

Stephen Bennett - 1998-05-18 13:40:15 (BST)
Changing the the time for the "alibi": Command ==> Change login time to 21:15 seems pretty foolproof to me

dipsy - 1998-05-18 01:05:29 (BST)
The "tits oot" stalking part in ep 2 ARGH. He was looking through the window with a pair of binoculars, right, and instead of the circular view you get with a properly focussed pair, it looked like THIS OO. Noone who's ever looked through a pair of binoculars would make this mistake, but every TV program does it, and it just makes me mad. Also, the noise shortly after is the "chomp" noise from 2600 Pac Man. Yes it is.

Sam - 1998-05-17 23:41:47 (BST)
Channel 4's KN forum Isn't it funny how channel 4's forum for KillerNet has unexpectdly, crashed. Must of got snowed over with complaints me thinks.

David Deans - 1998-05-17 13:44:09 (BST)
switching between Windows apps actually you can use alt + esc to switch between windows apps in NT

dizzee - 1998-05-16 10:43:32 (BST)
When he starts researching in serial killers in the library You'd have thought that he'd be able to do THAT kind of research online since; a) There are hundreds of sites online devoted to serial killers. b) If you had a connection as fast as that would you be bothered to go to the library?

Russ - 1998-05-15 18:10:58 (BST)
The face construction scene where he re-creates Charlotte on his computer Bloody hell! Have you seen the size of the monitor! Not even many professional people use monitors THAT big let alone a student!

Russ - 1998-05-15 18:08:30 (BST)
I notice on the Channel Four Killer Net site - http:77www.channel4.com/drama/killernet that Lynda La Plante is supposed to be answering questions by email at 1:00pm. London time. The date is unspecified, but it could be today, unless this is an old message left there to dry. If it is actually today, May 15 1998, then it might be worth contributing...

Salaam Blackmore - 1998-05-15 08:40:43 (BST)
Soundcard and stuff "You need a soundcard and microphone" Erm, maybe some speakers might have come in handy too.... Just where did that lovely 44Hz sound come from then?

Pete Langdale - 1998-05-14 22:34:38 (BST)
Highly Suspect I can see it know, in every nick across the country - Plod 1" Did you see Prime Suspect last night", Plod 2 " All those mistakes ! I was so awful ..."

gaz - 1998-05-14 17:28:56 (BST)
Please select murder location: X y Z Brighton Boy, am I glad he chose Brighton. It made researching the murder/disposal sites so much easier. Mind you, I don't think that too many murderers who get away with it 'shit on their own doorstep'. [or under their own patio] So much for the perfect crime.

Steve L - 1998-05-14 15:10:39 (BST)
plot spoiling - doh.... right, so the kid is a psychology student, right, and he's doing a version of Milgrams, that makes people believe they are torturing a victim, right, and then suddenly ok - now this might sound far fetched and a bit like, you kno w, a twisty turny plot thing, but he meets a load of bonkers twats, gets in to a load of porn rooms and gets sent a dodgy CD that includes as an option - ok, you're with me? the town where he lives THEN his mate, ok, loses his briefcase with a load of really important "stuff" in it. OK - bear with me, breathe in - what if the posh student kid is actually the one being stalked, and *he* is the one that being experimented on. Like, Gamekeeper turned Rabbit, or something. . Sigh. Yawn.

cait - 1998-05-14 15:08:08 (BST)
The research I know it's a drama, but Lynda Le Plantpot made such a big deal about it being the kind of thing that could happen, she's sorta hoisted by her you know what. .......

Stephen Bennett - 1998-05-14 12:28:42 (BST)
all those gory books OK when was the last time you had to do 'research' to complete a game. I thought you just gathered all the objects and used your intelligence to solve the problems. No, writers do 'research' or in Ms La Plantes case not - next time employ a technical advisor like the do on Casualty (and I think Prime Suspect ?). Oh and that thing she did on the comedy scene in London a few years ago was total bollocks as well.

gaz - 1998-05-14 11:49:55 (BST)
Everything It is quite funny though, like Showgirls. It'll be fun to watch it with some friends & pizza. Anyone fancy chatting about it on IRC (dalnet)? #killer_net_uk

Stephen Bennett - 1998-05-14 11:46:02 (BST)
The whole damn thing Being sad, I was reading a TV guide at my parents' house, which contained an interview with Lynda La Plank. Her general attitude appeared to be that "people" had told her of fears about the deluge of filth and violence available on the Internet. Hence, with no discernible research other than incorporating the sensationalist crap from a Sun editorial, she wrote this dire effort. To repeat an old point, perhaps she might like to picket newsagents selling porn; I see the Spurt has a good line in barnyard activities on video -- good job children can't easily access W.H. Smith.

Paul Ward - 1998-05-14 10:50:24 (BST)
that criticism If's it fiction, where's the batty old hag on TV commenting about was if it was an accurate portrayal? If we're all tedious, why's she writing about us? Experimentation is fine, but not all experiments work, if they did they wouldn't be very experimental, recognising *that* would be the sign of a good writer. Suspending disbelief is all very well, but when the writer is trying to use the programme as a weapon to beat the net on the head, someone is adopting the wrong persespetive. There's just too much wrong with the whole programme, it's not just the net element, that a new writer, one without the (albeit mixed) track record of LaPlante, just wouldn't get away with.

chris harrison - 1998-05-14 10:00:23 (BST)
? Allthough I haven't seen the series (I'll recieve the tape soon, someone's taping it for me) I do know that the DJ your all talking about (probably also the schouser and the dealer)played by JO is actually Brent Moyer. I'll tell you what I think of the Ki ller Net after I recieve the tapes

Inge - 1998-05-13 20:42:07 (BST)
Shallow Grave-ness They've got a Shallow Grave poster on one of the walls of their luxury pad. I assume this means they've seen the movie, so why it took them so long to work out all the details for disposing of the body, I can't fathom. And they still left the hands/feet on.

Phil Gyford - 1998-05-13 17:01:42 (BST)
Scott throws up in the taxi Quite justified I felt, since Scott asked for "Kemptown" and when the driver pulled over on the sea-front he was heading towards Hove. Actually, I thought our hero had done something clever for once and his heave was a ruse to avoid paying the fare, but NO he hands over a tenner (and, astonishingly, his "Keep the change" quip doesn't earn him a well-deserved kick in the groin).

MARS - 1998-05-13 16:50:05 (BST)
Every single scene. Every second and everything else... This is amazing. How can you spend 2 years researching, surrounded by experts, and not get one single fekkin thing right... Everything is wrong - techie facts, acting, actors, actressses, sets, dialogue, lighting... Its easily the worst mountain of toss t his side of the jurassic age. Can someone please take it out back and shoot it.

adze - 1998-05-13 16:24:31 (BST)
The Whole God Damn Thing Killer Net is a disgusting perversion of what a fifty-year-old woman might think goes on in the lives of a group of young adults. Lynda LaPants is femminist scum, re-hashing the same drivel for everything she writes. All her work features strong, ruling female characters, idolised by confused un-professional males. Take The Governer for example: A prison governer, whether they wer e male or female, would not survive their job with prison riots, drug scandles, beatings and break-outs occuring on a weekly basis. They would be sacked in an instant. Killer Net is vile. Characters are stereotypically what a 90's 'yoof' is seen to be in TV trash, having no job or prospects, but still wearing designer labels, living in a spotless house decorated with vivid colours, with their main hang-out being some d ire looking nightclub that resembles no club I have ever seen. Channel Four have added their usual polish to the drama, making it gleam with colour and sparkle, almost parodying what is expected of young people. The hilarious computer effects probably cost a bomb to produce, though the quality of the internet on the drama seems far from the truthful pace of the real superhighway, with high tech visuals downloading in seconds and full-on interactive FMV gurgling from the screen in Dolby Surround. Killer Net is nothing more than what an elderly person may believe the hip kids of today are up to. Everything is techno. The clubs, the internet, with regular exercise taken over a bout of Lazer Quest. Femminists were once a great force and changed the course of world direction by pulling together over the blind and stuborn authorities. But when it comes to modern literature, did women really burn their bras for this?

Jody/MaggieTeam - 1998-05-13 16:11:07 (BST)
Installing the game There you are, talking to a portly lady in the US, and next thing, you get an American game sent to you that mysteriously turns in to a UK version, which then lets you play the game in your very own town! *You*! Specifically! Hin t! All that from one porn sesh. I do love that electronic Internet, don't you? Do you think the people who did "Killer Net UK" did the UK CD of "You Don't Know Jack?" (no inference intended)

cait - 1998-05-13 15:32:21 (BST)
Cities to choose from of course....London, manchester, liverpool......and BRIGHTON????

Anderson - 1998-05-13 13:01:48 (BST)
the eagerly anticiptaed killer net game how come the graphics of the policeman talking are so bad, while the mockup he makes of Charlotte is perfect? how come he can see her from all sorts of different views, even though he's supposed to be stalking her? how come the first stage took ages, whereas the killing happened in a flash? why does there have to be such heavy breathing on the soundtrack? does Lynda LaPlantes really believe ANY of this is possible?

Chloe - 1998-05-13 12:59:04 (BST)
General really 1)The "commentary" refers to the car as a ferrari, I think its an MGB roadster. 2)Where do they get a PC that loads graphics so fast and never crashes? 3)How will they pay their 'phone bill?

Peter - 1998-05-13 11:02:22 (BST)
Mpeg card..'they're expensive' Torsos in general Probably upped the sale of MPEG cards overnight. Oh, and how come everyone was thin & fit when everyone knows someone using the net that much looks like Billy Bunter.

Stephen Bennett - 1998-05-13 10:21:05 (BST)
Um... the whole sorry mess? * How come all the students are minted? * How come the local dealer is so skint? * Two words: Shallow Grave. * How come there is only one local dealer? * Is there supposed to be something wrong with porn? * How come Scott hasn't thought to buy an alarm clock? * Is Sexy Sadie really the best they could do? * Why did Joe give Charlotte money to "leave Scott alone" when thats exactly what shes doing? * A student that falls madly in love with a stranger after a couple of shags? * Scott looks pretty mentally unstable already- are we supposed to believe that The Internet did that to him? * Why didn't they get some people who know what acting is to do the acting? * Why didn't they get some people who know what writing is to do the plot and dialogue? What a waste of airtime. What a lot of irreponsible scaremongering.

Duncan Corps - 1998-05-13 10:17:24 (BST)
just getting things off my chest Is it me or....? That roundabout scene in Episode 1, how did Scott not see Charlotte on the roundabout at a distance of three yards? Did it really only take Charlotte 20 seconds from taking Scott's credit card to getting a live sex video feed? Feel that big, big bandwidth. Richard Scott says below about needing the screw-drivers to fix the puter.... did you see in that scene he's already used a wrench! Now that IS stoned. In the last scene of Episode One the top of the browser clearly displays above Sexy Sadie "Microsoft Internet Explorer - Microsoft Internet Explorer" - so presumably Sadie is some hidden service on the Microsoft site?

nickd again - 1998-05-13 10:16:35 (BST)
that flat Embarrasingly it took me one and a half episodes to figure out what irked me about the flat. While it is messy it is completely clean. Those freshly painted walls, those clean floors. Does ANYONE know students who live in such a place? Oh, and as for a "homage" to Shallow Grave? I think that's too polite a word. ( Was that tomatoes into the pan scene in Shallow Grave, it looks familiar? )

nickd - 1998-05-13 10:03:15 (BST)
Interview at the 'virtual-reality' police station If he's "Detective Inspector Colby' (or whatever) how come he's in uniform? Notice that in the trailers for next week's exciting instalment, the same character (now in real life, it seems) is indeed a plain-clothes DI...?

Sam Nelson - 1998-05-13 09:34:21 (BST)
Anything to do with the game... Wow! The chance to play in 4 cities, choose 3 characters (presumably at each location), complete maps and god knows how much video footage - and all on ONE CD!!! Kinda makes Riven needing 5 CD's seem a bit shitty. Oh, and since when did AquaJet say 'Game Over'?

Sad Boy - 1998-05-13 09:15:27 (BST)
The whole thing... ... is so pants it's really amusing. Even without knowing anything about computers/the internet the entire program sucks like only Sexy Sadie can. Cliched, hackneyed, inaccurate crap, with camera effects that must have kept Channel 4's single FX person busy for months... This is cyberculture for the Daily Mail and .net-magazine-reading drooling masses. Linda, next time stick to Helen Mirren police dramas.

mike - 1998-05-13 00:36:08 (BST)
Janet Street-Porter type "net heads get a life" comments below Substitute references to "net" with "Television" and GET A LIFE !

nethead - 1998-05-13 00:24:27 (BST)
so far, so good ! s&m sex, marijuana, heroin, pornography, dubious psychological experiments, voyeurism, sex for sale, sex for drugs, gratuitous nudity, stalking, murder fantasies, murder, multimedia, cdrom games and the internet Cool Britannia ! Bike me that Killer Net, UK CDROM asap !

luvvy - 1998-05-13 00:09:20 (BST)
ALL OF IT!!! Can someone please explain it to me!!! I watched for almost an hour before I started to get interested. My sole purpose for watching, I must confess, is because Jason Orange was in it (I am a 41 year old TT fan)! However, I was not disappointed about Jason's role because it seemed to be a gratuitous "Jason Orange ex TT stars" role but after almost an hour I began to show a bit of interest. This came after the two lads went out for a walk after smoking a joint and said "what have we come out for?" - a funny bit! That is when it started to get interesting!! Perhaps this week's will be better. It seems to me that, as usual, La Plante puts too much into the first episode, trying to set the "mood" for the whole series (showing the end so to speak before you have the thread of the beginning!!). Not a hit with me I'm afraid based on the first episode, but I will keep an open mind for tonight's.

Jan - 1998-05-12 21:42:19 (BST)
preceding comment hmm, someone's a bit touchy about being criticised. I just checked the logfile, and the one below seems to come from "laplante.demon.co.uk". *well*.

Dave, NTK - 1998-05-12 17:43:59 (BST)
The whole show I think you bunch of sad netheads fail to appreciate the fact that this is DRAMA - yes that means FICTION and not reality - a concept which you tedious net surfers should be very well aquainted with! Lynda La Plante should be given credit for experimenting with new territory - both for her and British audiences. Try suspending disbelief and enjoy what is a fantastic show! GET A LIFE!

Sexy Sadie - 1998-05-12 12:27:05 (BST)
Cyber cafe and club Do places like that exist outside of television? Why are all people who go on the internet portrayed as drug addicts, who like garage and are only interested in the porn?

Anderson - 1998-05-11 16:02:13 (BST)
ethics committee They'd never let you do that experiment. and they'd NEVER tell you to go back the next day...it'd be about another three months.

andie - 1998-05-11 15:58:50 (BST)
the actors, or rather those people in front of the camera. Did that bloke keep sucking on a lemon every ten minutes?

nicola - 1998-05-11 15:58:05 (BST)
computer rooms at the university our computers are so slow, if you wanted to quickly get back to your work it ,takes about ten minutes, and you never just hit one button. Is this some sort of attempt at comedy? Also how many uni systems have game playing capabilities? ours won't even allow java.

Clo - 1998-05-11 15:57:21 (BST)
The advert for the forthcoming video over the end credits. Channel 4 should just put the whole thing on their web site. We could all get MPEG cards and watch it online

John Daglish - 1998-05-11 15:53:55 (BST)
Cyber cafe; the bloke who acts nothing like a student talks to the girl who thinks she's hot stuff on the 'chatroom' Have you ever been to a chatroom, forum or whatever where crap characters made up from bits and pieces of scanned toys spoke with speechbubbles? I know I haven't. Probably only put in so LaPlante could claim the first ever televised virtual dialogue or something.

Anderson - 1998-05-11 15:53:06 (BST)
the good bits: Mentioning William Gibson book titles Idoru, Virtual Light, Count Zero, Burning Chrome, Mona Lisa Overdrive Neuromancer - cool - is Charlotte based on Molly ? Techno Bar - is this what Zap looks like in Brighton ? Where were the rollerblades ?

Dade Murphy - 1998-05-11 00:33:01 (BST)
Oh just generally a couple of things.. How come they're not leeching off the FREE internet resources that the Uni'/College provides, like all the students I know? Which sane phone company would give them a line anyway? Also, how many students are that good at interior design. It all looks like a Dulux paint advert, and the attempts to portray 'scuzziness' and mess ring very falsely. Not at all like the 'not painted for 20 years' digs that are more typical of real student life. It's like they got their mum in to clean the place up and paint it! It's the kind of bobbins that dim-witted Daily Mail readers and their friends in Parliament lap up! We'll be hearing vague and extremely ill-informed calls for a 'ban' on the Internet, which our great leader and celestial helmsman, Tony Blair, will cave into with his great track-record of following lynch-mob, sorry, public opinion!

CiH/Maggie Team - 1998-05-10 23:53:18 (BST)
Charlotte doesn't like Windows 95 plug'n'play? Christ, at least she's got one thing right! As any self-righteous Linux-user knows, pnp hardware sucks! :)

The Dodger - 1998-05-08 18:20:36 (BST)
Scott exits a Brighton & Hove bus on Madiera Drive, turns round and walks up the front steps of his house somewhere in Marine Parade. How did he do that? Can this nerd fly? Or did he use that old Victorian lift that used to cost 5p. I wonder what Brighton & Hove buses thought about the driver going completely off route to drop someone off at the Peter Pan Fairground.

MARS - 1998-05-08 13:16:39 (BST)
Chat room scene and endless other irritations Quite apart from: a long term net-head is hardly likely to amazed by the site of a chat room (Jesus! It has a funny picture of a mermaid with her knockers out! I'd better suck my cheeks in a bit more! And get down the gym immdiat ely!)(uh?)... only newbies and sad fat kids use chat rooms (or men looking for sad fat kids), andOh, so Mrs "Moi arhxsent is Nerthern Oireesh" is down the road? Not just down the road but "Meet you in fifteen"?? where the hell did she live - next door? Ever heard of 'global medium'? Lynda - you don't go on location - that's the whole point. I agree with Moose - who the hell did they think was going to watch this dribbling rubbish... us? Our parents?

Cait - 1998-05-07 15:10:11 (BST)
The computer room, haven of poor quality porn and ancient arse games running at 2fps Given that most of the students were female (this is, after all, a social science block) why was all the pornography of topless women? An unusually high proportion of homosexual students, or a refreshingly unreconstructed director?

Stuart Houghton - 1998-05-07 09:39:21 (BST)
Esc key as a boss key switching to excel Nice to see such responsive pc's . Strange how they had all worked what they were going to type /analyse.

Rob - 1998-05-06 17:22:26 (BST)
Our hero first meets the cyber babe in the chat room... ...and she turns out to be a sexy, leather-clad shag-monster who lives just down the road. And not, say, really a semi-literate, 14-year-old American boy, sitting in his smeg-filled underpants and collapsing under the weight his acne.

Mil - 1998-05-06 13:45:04 (BST)
Hippy guy installing the sound card How come he needed a full auto-mechanincs socket set? My computer needed only those teeny-weeny screwdrivers

Richard Scott - 1998-05-06 12:50:29 (BST)
Whatever, I wasn't watching that closely. Who the hell has MPEG cards these days? Computers are so damn powerful now they can do it all in software. And in those days when MPEG cards still existed, no-one had ever heard of video conferencing. IMHO, people shouldn't write about things that their viewers know more about than they do.

James Matthews - 1998-05-06 10:13:38 (BST)
That '2nd sound card' bit mentioned below... No, the first one was an mpeg card. So how's their 1994 hardware running 1998's software so nippily?

Rameses - 1998-05-06 10:13:03 (BST)
everyone single one Complete Bollocks. Not very clever I know but for fucks sake??? It is SHIT.

J.O. - 1998-05-06 09:25:28 (BST)
Lads logging on to Sexy Sadie Live on (what must be) kickass ADSL-to-the-kerb style bandwidth. Live sex services on the net within the financial reach greasy psychology students with a credit limit of about £2.50 on their plastic? Easily a case of BS as opposed Au!

OVPlc - 1998-05-06 01:23:19 (BST)
Why was a 2nd sound card and microphone delivered by post ? - Hadn't Charlotte and Scott already installed one (he had been down to the kitchen to get his screwdrivers) or hadn't they "sorted out the IRQs" Have the editor/director been sampling Brighton's finest homegrown ?

wish I was a student who could afford a car, a lease on a house and £100 a throw for drugs - 1998-05-05 23:37:09 (BST)
The lads logon to Sexy Sadie
Scott: She can't see us because we haven't got a camera.
...just like the newsreaders on t'telly.

Lee Maguire - 1998-05-05 22:57:22 (BST)
Somewhere around Scene 16... 'Jet-ski' In the ridiculous chat-room, the text is about 14 point, but then the camera goes in for a close-up, and suddenly the text is in 72 point. The pixels! God, why am I even watching this drivel? Who's it aimed at... certainly nobody who's ever seen a real computer. Daily Mail readers I guess. I feel so... dirty. I have to download some wholesome pornography quickly.

Moose 2000 - 1998-05-05 22:23:05 (BST)
Before it even starts... the continuity announcer. Does that count? "Coming up, The Killer Net, and that's followed by the boys who can kill... in the back of the net - Brazil."

Moose 2000 - 1998-05-05 22:05:49 (BST)
Lee checks the perl script ...and finds that it works!

Lee Maguire - 1998-05-05 22:01:51 (BST)

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