Being a completely objective comparison of the two features "From Bard To Verse" (Heat magazine, Feb 20th, p19) and "Good Will Hunting" (US-based Entertainment Weekly magazine, Feb 12th, p8-9). There were a couple of other films at the end, but these first ones appeared in exactly this order...

Entertainment Weekly:
Ten Things I Hate About You
A modernised Taming Of The Shrew (due for US release in May) stars Party Of Five's Andrew Keegan with newcomer Heath Ledger.
10 Things I Hate About You
This modern-day Taming Of The Shrew (due in May) stars newcomer Heath Ledger, Party Of Five's Andrew Keegan...
Love's Labour's Lost
Director Kenneth Branagh turns this tale into a 1930s musical (due to start shooting this month) starring Clueless's Alicia Silverstone and Scream's Matthew Lillard.
Love's Labour's Lost
With Alicia Silverstone and Scream's Matthew Lillard... director Kenneth Branagh has turned his Labour's - which goes before the cameras this month - into a 1930s musical.
Set in a prep school, this version of Othello (due in the US later this year) stars I Still Know What You Did Last Summer's Mekhi Phifer in the lead role with Josh Hartnett from Halloween: H20 as Hugo (Iago).
...this version of Othello... stars Mekhi Phifer (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer) as the only black student in a prep school... Due late this year, it features Halloween: H20's Josh Hartnett as Hugo (Iago)...
Following in the footsteps of Baz Luhrmann's 1997 funky Romeo & Juliet, this Hamlet is set in 90s New York City and stars Ethan Hawke, Sam Shepard and Bill Murray.
Set in 90s New York City but using traditional text (think Leo DiCaprio's 1996 Romeo & Juliet), this tale of the melancholy prince stars Ethan Hawke, Sam Shepard, Bill Murray...