(I haven't updated this in a while, although it does still work.
If you're interested in connecting a Linux machine, Andrew Stribblehill
has the details.
Mac users should check out this guide.)

From: Danny O'Brien <danny@spesh.com>
Subject: cypherpunk.freeserve.net

If you want to play around with Dixon's new service, but can't get hold of the
CD (or are using a non-Wintel machine), here are the details you'll need.

phoneno:  0845 0796699 (local call)
username: cypherpunk.freeserve.co.uk
password: cypherpunk

Everything else should be grabbed from the server - that's the default setting
on most Win95 setups. Just for safety, though, I'd type in the DNS servers


Other application specific doodads:
pop3: pop.freeserve.net
smtp: smtp.freeserve.net
news: news.freeserve.net
proxy: www-cache.freeserve.net:8080

Note that, despite the login, it isn't really anonymous.  I'm sure
Energis will keep a record of your phone number, Caller-ID withheld or not.

Update 28/9/98: 
A nice man from Freeserve e-mailed to point out that Freeserve accounts are
not for use by more than person. It was unclear whether they system actively
rejects more than one cypherpunk user at a time, or whether the account will
be cancelled if it's abused like this.

Other interesting notes: apparently, Freeserve routes all SMTP requests to its
own mailserver (preventing would-be spammers from using third-party machines).
Its POP account is inaccessible if you're not dialling in from Freeserve.

I've had a number of reports of 128K ISDN use, and 64KB+ access through modem
bonding in Windows 98.

Creating your own Freeserve account

If you'd like your own named account, go to https://signup.freeserve.net/ . Any browser should work, but you'll have to do it from the Freeserve dial-up. The 'install.ins' file the registration script sends you at the end is a text file containing a bunch of settings for IE4.0, and Windows' dial-up networking. If you save it to your desktop, and then double-click on it, it'll automagically change your computer's Internet settings to your new account. Alternatively, you can load it up in Notepad and read off the details by hand. You have to access this server from a Freeserve account! If the cypherpunk account isn't working, use username: freeservesignup password: signup This account only gives you access to the Signup server. If you have any more tips and hints on using Freeserve, I'd love to hear those too. Best wishes, Danny O'Brien -- They stole our revolution. Now we're stealing it back. NEED TO KNOW http://www.ntk.net