Taking you to the typically concise and efficient http://www.europarl.eu.int/scripts/dg7/ticom.exe/?t=c&l=EN&v=ft&s=all+subjec ts&d=&n=628%2F97&nl=COM%2897%29+628%2C+OJ+C+108%2F98%2C+07%2F04%2F98&a=searc h&f=&pc=ft-00-628%2F97-&p=dg7%2Fticom%2Fdata%2Fgpar.txt The real URL was too long to put in NTK.

If you're using a unpleasantly commercial browser, we're taking you there now.

You'll notice that whatever the EC are spending all that VAT on, it's not their Webservers.

And, incredibly, this URL is even longer than the last one.