NTK's CEO of The Dance Page

Steve Ballmer goes "Developers! Developers! Developers" (1,626,116 bytes)

http://www.ntk.net/media/developers.mpg Developers. Developers. Developer developers.

The Original Monkey Boy Gyrations of Steve Ballmer

dancemonkeyboy.mpg (3,149,828 bytes)
http://www.ntk.net/media/dancemonkeyboy.mpg Steve Ballmer encourages us to "give it up" to him.
dancemonkeyboy.avi (6,732,092 bytes)
http://www1.cex.co.uk/cex/movies/dancemonkeyboy.avi Down, but not forgotten: this where we originally got the AVI from. Cheers, mighty CEX.
http://www.ntk.net/media/dancemonkeyboy.avi Us again, again.
Tributes et les homages
http://www.bbspot.com/toys/video/ballmer/index.html The "Godwin's Law" Remix
http://www.echo23.com/domokun/ Ballmer versus Domo-kun

Newer! Developers - The Musical (6,088,224 bytes)

http://achurch.org/media/ballmer.avi 3 minutes of non-stop "Developers" music video. In Quicktime.