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A rough translation of http://www.repubblica.it/online/tecnologie_internet/windowsxp/intervista/intervista.html:

Mr President, Microsoft are saying that you have adjusted your computer and that the fault lies in your installation and nothing to do with Microsoft XP. Isn't this the case?

President: "Not even in my dreams.I've read myself the report of Umberto Paolucci, from the agency, who states that the error wasn't in the software but in the hardware. But this isn't the case. Until a few minutes ago my computer was out of use because of a failure in the program and not my hard disc."

But excuse me, how do you know?

President: "Young engineer friends of mine have just finished assembling my new PC. And there were no problems until I decided, on the advice of many experts, to install the Windows XP Home programme. After three days the programme did not accept my password and everything was messed up. And my reliable colleage told me..."

What did they tell you?

President: "My reliable assistant, an economist with a passion for IT, had advised me to wait before installing the new programme. 'Wait until its tested,' he said. If I had listened to him I wouldn't be hear with my PC out of use and the enormous risk of losing the whole of my archive. But if this happens, I wouldn't want to be Bill Gates..."


President: " Listen. I have written to the Head of Microsoft but I don't have any illusions. What do they care about Italy. Only our primeminister, Berlusconi could imagine that Bill Gates would be interrested in us. Do you know what he will do when he recives my notice?"

Quite honestly, no.

President: " He'll ask: 'Who is this person?' Then he'll check, as the americans always do: 'What is his position?' Put together the two answers, which is that I am an old ex president of the Republic of Italy with a more or less empty wallet. He'll chuck the letter in the bin. But at this point I will start proceedings with my lawyers."


President: "Yes, I have spoken this evening with 2 legal advisors, who are already putting together the case. If my PC is repaired, ok, but if my archive is destroyed I will start an international court case against Microsoft. In the tribunal we will be able to enjoy ourselves, I'm almost hoping they won't be able to fix it!"

Putting Bill Gates aside, your biography tells that you are impassioned about technology. Where does this passion spring form?

President: "From when I was very little, to pay for entry to the cinema, I used to work at my uncle's house fixing bulbs and all the other electrical stuff there was. Then I grew up and I got into radio. If I hadn't become the Minister of the Home office I would have been a good radio operator. Later I discovered computers and all the advantages that are called new technology. At the moment, for example, I am her in my armchair and I have in my hand 6 mobile phones, all of them models not yet on the market."

Do you surf the Net?

President:"Of course, but with great care. On line you have to have precise objectives, otherwise it is like a drug. Maybe worse. For this reason I prohibit kids from the Net. It is better that they should read a good book."

23 novembre 2001

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